Best 3 blackberry plants for sale online

Blackberries are a wonderful fruit, that can grow not only in the wild, but also easy to cultivate in a controlled environment. There is no need to go and search for the best berries out there – everything can be found and ordered online. Below are the 3 different blackberry varieties, that you can order from the convenience of your home.

Merton Thornless

The thing that describes this variety the best – sweetness. It has a pretty high number of sugar in it and considered to be the most delicious Blackberry berry available.

It grows vigorously and produces numerous floricanes. Its berries are of a smaller size, glossy, dark black and delicious taste. It is not very suitable to be grown commercially due to the soft nature of the berries, but great for homeowners, looking to cultivate berries at home.

The plants are shipped in pots and look healthy upon arrival. Every single leaf is of a perfect shape and the plants start growing and getting bigger as soon as they are planted. Especially helps if you put them in a soil with fertilizer already added.

Merton Thornless is available for purchase from Amazon here.

Thornless Evergreen

Amazing thing about this one it that it can bear -15C outside temperatures. Being able to easily live through winter cold, they are ready to bring fruits the next season.

Another added bonus, is that theses plants are completely thorn free, making them very easy for picking – even a child can do it! Overall this is a great tasty fruit with high nutritional content, rich source of fibres, antioxidants and vitamins A, B and K.

Thornless Evergreen produces large rambling plants and takes 2 years to fully grow. While you most likely wont see great harvest before that, the wait is very much worthwhile. After this period the plants are reaching 3 – 4 m in height and 1.50 – 2 m wide. They are packed with fruit that is suitable for everything from jam to whatever you can imagine.

Thornless Evergreen is available for purchase from Amazon here.

 Black Cascade

As the previous 2 varieties, this one is also thorn free. This is where the resemblance stop. Unlike the other, “Black Cascade” is especially cultivated to be grown in the areas with limited space – very small gardens, balconies or porch.

The plant is grown in the basket or a container. When grown in the hanging basket, the gently cascades from it, as shown in the picture. This is very handy not only for saving space, but also for picking – no more need to reaching and bending. Just reach your hand and simply pick, as the fruits are located at your eye level.

While the plants come small and might seem more decorative at first, an established one plant will fill a large hanging basket and yield over a kilo of large sweet juicy berries. In addition, its pretty blooms are a magnet for summer butterflies making it even more fun to own this plant.

Black Cascade is available for purchase from Amazon here.

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